Top 10 Tips for Kids!

August 9, 2012
"Top 10 Tips for Keeping Kid’s Brains Active this HOT Summer"
With the dog days of summer in full swing, many parents are finding themselves looking for creative ways to entertain their children indoors.
With studies finding that the typical child will lose about two months of educational progress in various subjects—especially in reading and math–participation in the reinforcement or advancement of skills is essential!
Meghan Kelly, an early childhood education expert at The Learning Experience ( has compiled her top ten tips for combating this stat in your family. These tried-and-true vacation friendly activities will ensure that your child’s brain remains engaged over the summer break and eases the back-to-school transition: 
  • Read with your children every day. Visit a local library where the little ones can pick out what interests them and librarians can make age-appropriate recommendations. 
  • Take a nature walk and discuss what you see.  During the early morning and dusk hours, you will see elements of nature in a different light – literally! Point out trees, what animals live in them, and any interesting bugs you encounter along the way. 
  • Make your own science projects.  Plant a garden or flowers with your children and chart growth.  Ask them to predict what will happen and what should be done to help the plants grow.
  • Let kids participate in cooking and meal preparation.  Math skills are reinforced when you have them measure the ingredients needed for recipes.   
  • Have a dance-a-thon while encouraging children to listen to the words and sounds of the music.  Use instruments and play along with the songs. 
  • Make clean-up time educational and fun by organizing toys by colors, size, or shape. 
  • Take imaginary trips.  Pretend you are going to the moon and back, on a train going through the mountains, or on a boat headed down the river.  Make and paint props to bring on your journey.
  • Assign household jobs, such as sorting whites from colors and folding laundry.  Kids can also make grocery lists and cross off items once they are in the cart.  
  • Learn a foreign language together.  Many books and programs are available at the library to introduce young children to a new language.  
  • Discuss healthy eating, why it is important, and encourage children to prepare summer snacks that are good for them.  Ask if there are other healthy foods they would like to try. 
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Meghan Kelly is the regional director of training for The Learning Experience®.  At more than 110 academies of early education in 19 states, Boca Raton-based TLE® offers quality care and an ideal learning environment for children six weeks to five years of age.  Its centers are fun, exciting, and establish a strong foundation from which kids can grow and develop. 
TLE’s Coral Springs academy is located at 4161 Turtle Creek Drive, just north of Sample Road and west of 441.  To learn more, call 954-341-1332 or visit